How to write an essay about yourself

Essays about yourself are a great way to think about eternal themes. Who am I? What kind of person am I? What do I like? What don’t I like? What do I want to be in the future? Everyone has their own answer. It is very useful to learn how to think and analyse, get to know yourself and formulate your thoughts on paper.

How to write an essay about yourself

Writing has a truly therapeutic effect.

So that the story does not turn into a flight of absurd thought, stick to certain recommendations. Let’s find out how to start an essay about yourself.

Writing tips

For example, you have been given the opportunity to write an essay at school. Follow the rules. Write them down in a notebook and follow the guidelines carefully.

Stick to one structure of an essay. If you talk about your family, about childhood memories, do not put your career successes into the fabric of your story, but rather the successes of your career.

The narrative about yourself should be logical. Check it for spelling, speech, punctuation. Even writing a simple essay about yourself does not exclude the need to follow the rules.

For the integrity of the essay, you should keep the main line throughout the story. It may be your personality traits, hobbies, peculiarities of relations with loved ones, interesting life incidents, worldview.

Don’t make the story too dry. Apply linguistic representations of vivid epithets, metaphors, comparisons, trying not to be limited to a strict fact.

Incorporate notes of humour into the text – this technique will help to keep the reader’s attention

The article should fully disclose your personality. Don’t make the text a listing of your own merits. Talk about the flaws, but so that the brutal shortcomings do not seem gross, but only a transient deficiencies, on which you are constantly working.

The text should have intrigue. An introduction will interest the reader, for example, to the fact that you have an unusual passion. But don’t just lay it all out at once. In the course of the narrative, refer to examples from personal experiences, draw the formation of your character, and only at the end reveal the idea as a whole.

Before you start writing your essay, think about a plan. If the opportunity arises, take a few days to do so in order to keep the narrative consistent and engaging.

Even the most ordinary event should be presented in an original way, so that not only will your essay be interesting to read, but you will want to get to know it in person. Creative approaches will help you look like a bright person in the eyes of others .