How to write a book report?

We all know very well that a review is first and foremost an evaluation of a book, and it more often than not answers the reader’s most important questions about whether or not the author of the review liked the book. If you want your written review to be as interesting, unbiased and objective as possible, there are a few rules to follow.

How to write a book report?

The first and very important is to follow a set structure

Most people expect only two things from writing about a work: a story about what’s written in the book and your personal conclusion about it that you’re writing – you liked the book, you were hooked, or on the contrary, a negative opinion. And so, when starting to write a review, you should follow roughly this principle:

  • A detailed overview of the book’s contents, a list of the main characters, and maybe an indication of the main theme.
  • Your personal evaluation of the book, did you like it, did it arouse unpleasant emotions, or generally left you indifferent with pity for the lost time.
  • And now it’s time to move on to a detailed analysis, which might include the following indicators: the credibility of the main and secondary characters; how well the work fits a certain genre, the degree of intrigue, the uniqueness of the plot, the complexity of the writing, and so on. Anything you find interesting and deserves a separate mention.
  • A very important and certainly significant point is personal thoughts. After all, if the books are deep and make you think about them, for a while being in the story and bumping into your thoughts about the themes raised by the author and the characters, you understand something – don’t keep quiet, let the other readers know about it. Talk about it in the review, making it unique and personal.

The right balance: less retelling of the text, more of your personal reading emotions

Of course, a good review must necessarily speak to the meaning of the work, and it should contain more information than the classic abstract. But it’s worth realising that it’s better to keep it short, you don’t have to describe every detail and every character’s actions. I don’t think people who are not familiar with the work will be very grateful for spoilers.

Decorate your review with associations and comparisons

A person is capable of comparing everything and choosing. If, after reading a particular book, you think of three other books, be sure to write about it. Such a comparison will open up a deeper genre of essay, attract fans of such stories, and add colour to the text.

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