How to enable live streaming on Youtube

What is YouTube Stream

Stream is a continuous online delivery of video and audio data from the provider to the user. In fact, this is a full-fledged live broadcast, which is similar to television broadcasts. The only difference is that the stream on YouTube is carried out via the Internet. There are two types of streams:

  • pre-recorded;
  • live broadcasts in real time.

To watch a video product on any gadgets, there is no need to install additional applications or drivers – you only need Youtube. The video at the bottom of the screen displays “Live” or “Live” – ​​this is the stream.

How to activate the streaming function

For all mobile devices – enter the YouTube app, click on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen and then follow the prompts on the screen.

For computers – go to the “Settings” section on your channel and click on the “Channel status and available functions” line.

For broadcasting, the Functions must be activated, for access to which you need to confirm the phone number. Confirm the number, go to “Advanced settings” and activate the desired functionality following the prompts.

Completion of activation, which is carried out within 24 hours, can be checked by clicking the “Enabled” button in the “Function availability” section.

General recommendations for customization

Network. Consider overall bitrate and download bandwidth. The recommended reserve is 20%. For example, the minimum internet speed required to start a stream is 3 megabits per second. Accordingly, for normal uninterrupted data transmission, the bitrate must be at least 3.6.

Video encoder. If you are using a video encoder, set it up in advance, about 2 hours before the broadcast. To check the quality of the broadcast, connect it 15 minutes before the start of the broadcast and make sure that the video is played correctly on the broadcast control panel.

Webcam. Check the necessary basic settings before starting the broadcast.

On a Windows computer

Check if the streaming feature is enabled on your channel. The latest browsers are required – for example, Chrome 60 and above or Firefox 53 and above. And, a Windows version of at least 7 is desirable.

If the function is activated and it is displayed on the site, you can proceed to the next settings. Click on the button with the image in the upper left corner of the three horizontal lines.

After selecting the mode, the system will give you step-by-step instructions with clarifications – do you know the rules of broadcasts, is the function active for conducting them, and will ask for a name, description, camera and microphone settings. After that, you will return again to the window with the choice of the mode, where you need to click on “Select”. Then you go live.

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How to promote your live stream

In order for as many users as possible to know about your stream, it is necessary to provide measures to promote the channel and specific broadcast.

  • Make a promotional video for the upcoming stream and run paid ads on YouTube.
  • Link your channel to your social media accounts and share information about the upcoming broadcast there.
  • Order advertising for the upcoming broadcast on third-party resources – from bloggers on social networks and on websites.
  • Buy Youtube live streaming views.
  • Grow your channel subscribers and make announcements for upcoming broadcasts. Subscribers will see this information in their recommendations.

For pre-recorded videos with “instant premiere” streaming option you can also purchase high retention youtube views to boost your video performance.

Promotion of streams on Youtube plays an important role in the process of popularizing the channel and recruiting a new audience. After all, live streaming is a great way to connect with viewers and increase the number of subscribers. Therefore, with the emergence of new platforms for recording live videos, streams are gaining popularity not only among bloggers, but also among brands.

Before you start streaming and wondering how to promote a stream channel on YouTube, make sure that your YouTube channel matches the subject of the video. Pay attention to the title and change it if necessary. Check, update or complete your profile.

Create a teaser video

Upload the teaser video to the channel a few days or weeks before the live event. Please provide more information about the event that will be covered during the live broadcast and the topics that you plan to cover. And also about the date, time and any other details.

Uncover the teaser gradually

Expand the previous teasers, add new information that would interest the viewers.

Optimize your channel

Before launching a livestream, your YouTube Channel must be optimized for search engines. A few days before the event, select the required streaming category, add keywords and phrases to the description of the upcoming broadcast.

How to monetize streams

There are several monetization options for YouTube streams:

  • advertising;
  • super chat;
  • sponsorship;

Ads are promotional videos that viewers of the stream see at the beginning, middle, or end of the broadcast. Advertisers can be users of legal age or minors with the consent of a guardian.

Super Chat is a paid service that allows users to post animated inscriptions, stickers, etc. during the broadcast. Relevant for adult viewers and not supported in all regions.

Sponsorship – channel subscribers activate this service and regularly transfer money to you in exchange for various bonuses. Available to adult users who have at least 1000 subscribers on the channel.

YouTube Premium – Get paid for watching Premuim content. This is a paid subscription, and income will be generated from the same Premium subscribers when participating in your streams.