How to buy App downloads?

Foreword: I am the most ordinary individual developer of Android applications, I published one of my brainchildren on Google Play a long time ago, and then worked hard on it. At some point I decided – “Why not try to promote the application?” To do this, I began to diligently read various literature on this topic. Later I came up with the idea to try to buy motivated installations (read about that below). It was decided to move specifically to the United States. Actually further – what I got, what I tried.

buy app installs

1. Where to buy app installs

To get motivated installs you should buy app downloads of your application by other users in order to increase positions in a category.

It’s not a secret for anyone – the more people download the app, the higher it will be when viewed in a category. The ideal is to achieve 1-3 places, because they account for the largest part of installations and views (almost no one will scroll through the category list up to 300 applications).

This method is intended to “artificially” increase the position in the category. For this to happen, judging by various sources, it is necessary to get as many installations as possible in 2-3 days for Google Play, I don’t know how things are with Apple, so I won’t lie.

In addition to the obvious advantages, this method also has disadvantages. After reaching the top category, if the application is not massive, it can take off just as easily from there, so you need to choose this method wisely.

It is just like Social Media Engagement Psychology – Smartest ways to raise the engagement rate are those including the real-user activity.

2. Where to get them and why the United States?

Why did I choose the USA – everything is simple, like any person, I want to earn money so that I have something to eat. Therefore, I immediately dismissed other countries, it generates income, but its quality is several times worse than that of the same USA, because we do not like to part with money and pay very little for advertising.

If we consider other countries for motivated installations, then it is worth driving “Motivated Android installations” into Google, and you will immediately get a whole bunch of options. But the problem is that almost none of the companies that I contacted from this list do not provide services for motivated installations from other countries, or they offer – but this is done through partners and, accordingly, the price is quite high.

Then I decided to go deeper and find companies that are focused on installations from the United States, but it turned out to be not so easy, I spent a lot of time looking for suitable and relatively cheap options.

I must say right away that some of them offer installations not only from the USA, but also from other countries, however, I am talking about my experience with the USA.

3. Objectives, budget, timing

The main goal that I set for myself is to get more than 10,000 installations in 3 days. Ideally, I wanted 20k, but, as it turned out, these companies cannot offer such volumes in such a short time.

As a rule, such networks are based on the fact that they have an application that allows ordinary users to make money by installing other applications (ours) and gaining a huge number of users who are ready to install in one country – it can be very difficult.

Next time I’ll give a table of how many installations they promised me, how much money it took, etc. They promised – I contacted the managers of each company and clarified this information with them.