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We are seeking an experienced Website Data Analyst to join our team to oversee data analysis across all websites and publications promotion making recommendations to boost traffic and engagement. This complex data analysis encompasses but is not limited to DPC and Coordination and Evaluation Center (CEC) sites, Enhance Science, and Enhance Diversity. In this role, your responsibilities include comprehensive and creative use of analytic tools, as well as astute recommendations derived from data analysis of engagement. Additional responsibilities include extraction, development, recommendations, and oversight of solutions to amplify the DPC’s digital presence; identification of all new ways to promote publications and findings to institutions and researchers; visualizing data for team members; participation in internal and DPC meetings; collaboration with digital development team; and research of potential collaborators in the academic, non-profit and funding programs.

*This is a 1-year, full-time, contract position that may convert to career.*

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Published 2021-09-25

UCLA Health looks for a Website Data Analyst in Los Angeles, CA 90095 location.

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