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San Jose, California, United States


We are looking for a Data Scientist with excellent data science and ML skills. The ideal candidate is highly skilled in:

Framing business problems into ML/data science problems

Navigating through uncharted waters and exploring complex messy unstructured data

Applying data science/ML to create ML-powered products that customers use daily

You will be applying data science and ML techniques on operational non-patient data obtained from medical devices to enable ML-powered products. A few examples of the business problems that these products will be solving:

Enable predictive maintenance of medical devices

Reduce unplanned downtime for medical devices

Reduce mean time between failures of medical devices

Detect early signs of deterioration in medical device health

Enable proactive detection of a problem with a medical device

Improve patient safety

Enable better utilization of medical devices

Improve operator productivity

Improve device efficiency

You will own the complete end-to-end ML processes:
Build domain expertise and deep understanding of different types of medical devices

Formulate a business problem into a ML problem

Conduct exploratory data analysis on messy unstructured datasets to understand data and extract insights

Create dashboards for showing insights extracted from data

Identify data that can be used for ML from a complex and not-well defined datasets

Determine the different ML techniques that can applied on the operational data collected from medical devices

ETL, cleanse and prepare data for different ML use cases

Apply ML algorithms, both supervised and unsupervised

Train and evaluate ML models

Collaborate with others to deploy, monitor, and manage models in production

Manage model lifecycle



5+ years’ work experience as a data scientist training and deploying ML models in production

3+ years’ work experience training and deploying in production models for predictive maintenance

2+ years’ work experience using Python data science libraries for EDA, data prep, feature engineering, and ML

2+ years’ work experience with SQL

Deep understanding of different ML algorithms, frameworks, and libraries

Strong knowledge of statistics

Excellent exploratory data analysis skills

Strong data cleansing, data prep and feature engineering skills

Experience working with big data technologies such as Spark and HDFS

Master’s or Ph.D. in Math, Statistics, CS, or other quantitative fields


Experience with MLFlow, KubeFlow, AirFlow

Experience with Spark Mllib

Experience programming in Scala

Experience with HDFS, Cassandra, Vertica,

Experience with Tableau, Superset

(Regular – Full Time)

If you are an experienced Data Scientist who enjoys working in a startup environment and loves building ML-powered products that customers use daily, we would love to hear from you.

For more information, please send your resume to [email protected]


Published 2022-07-20

looks for a Data Scientist in San Jose, CA location.

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