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Associate Data Visualization Engineer

Description: As an Associate Data Visualization Engineer, you will join our Digital Team and use your analytical skills to scrutinize and visualize diverse datasets. You will investigate datasets for findings, and more importantly create compelling and informative data visualizations. You will help the organization discover new data opportunities with diverse internal and external datasets, in diverse functions from donor outreach to policy analyses.
In addition to your immediate colleagues on the digital team, you will work with a diverse group of policy research scholars, and various other teams in the production workflow such as publications and social media teams.
You will clean, organize, and analyze datasets and use your programming skills to visualize data for external publications, web content, and social media content of the Cato Institute. Finally, you will learn and apply cutting edge methods in data visualizations for the web.
Company Overview:
The Cato Institute is a public policy research organization – a think tank – dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace. Its scholars and analysts conduct independent, nonpartisan research on a wide range of policy issues.
Founded in 1977, Cato owes its name to Cato’s Letters, a series of essays published in 18th-century England that presented a vision of a society free from excessive government power. Those essays inspired the architects of the American Revolution. And the simple, timeless principles of that revolution – individual liberty, limited government, and free markets – turn out to be even more powerful in today’s world of global markets and unprecedented access to information than Jefferson or Madison could have imagined. Social and economic freedom is not just the best policy for a free people, it is the indispensable framework for the future.
Cato Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

  • Find, organize, and analyze policy data in diverse research areas, including economics, education, healthcare, and immigration.
  • Come up with ways to visualize data: design data charts, graphs and maps to convey findings.
  • Collaborate with fellow web programmers; web, UX and graphic designers.
  • Collaborate with policy research scholars, publication, and social media teams.
  • Create primarily web-based data visualization tools and dashboards.

. Requirements:

  • Experience in data analysis.
  • Fluency in programming (in one of the major programming languages like Python, R, C++).
  • Hands-on knowledge of Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets.
  • Experience in data visualization with diverse charts and maps.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm to learn and collaborate.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in computer science, economics, statistics, data science, mathematics, or other fields that require strong quantitative skills.
  • Fluency in Python.
  • Fluency in web programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • Strong familiarity / fluency in diverse data formats (CSV, XML, JSON) and SQL.
  • Familiarity / experience working with a CMS (such as Drupal or WordPress).
  • Familiarity / experience with data-dashboarding platforms, BI tools (such as Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, Plotly etc.).
  • Familiarity / experience with version control software (Git).
  • Experience with data visualization libraries designed for the web (such as D3).
  • Familiarity with, and an appreciation for, libertarian principles.
  • Keen attention to detail.

Education and Prior Experience

  • No prior work experience required.

Job Type: Full-time


Published 2022-06-10

Cato Institute looks for a Associate Data Visualization Engineer in Remote location.

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