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The Research Data Analyst will work closely with the principal investigator and key implementing partners, including the California Department of Public Health, local health departments in California, and select community-based partners, on an implementation research and evaluation project focused on understanding how state-wide COVID-19 health equity metrics and policies impacted health disparities and potential applications to other communicable and chronic diseases. The Research Data Analyst may also support implementation research and program evaluation on other health equity projects.

The Research Data Analyst will be responsible for working with the principal investigator and implementing partners to design, implement, analyze, and disseminate findings on a mixed-methods impact evaluation that includes implementation research frameworks and methods. This position will be responsible for working with place-based health equity measures and data that match and map the intersection of COVID-19 with other communicable diseases (STD/TB/HIV) and other co-morbidities, such as heart-disease, diabetes, tobacco use, and cancer. The research data analyst will design and conduct scientific analyses using area-based socioeconomic equity indices, such as the California Healthy Places Index.

Additional key responsibilities include developing reports to disseminate findings and ensuring that primary and secondary data collected are analyzed using a program evaluation/impact evaluation framework. The incumbent will also monitor the implementation of all quantitative evaluation activities, including supporting staff in lower-level analyst positions with the design of data collection instruments, data analysis and interpretation, development of graphs, charts and other data visualizations, and development of project deliverables, including an evaluation report and a playbook with best practices on equity focused linkages to prevention and care strategies for communicable disease programs.


Published 2022-04-14

University of California San Francisco looks for a Research Data Analyst in San Francisco, CA 94143 location.

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