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The EPA National Student Services Contract has an immediate opening for a full time Ecotoxicity Data Analyst position with the Office of Research and Development at the EPA facility in Gulf Breeze, FL.

The Office of Research and Development at the EPA supports high-quality research to improve the scientific basis for decisions on national environmental issues and help EPA achieve its environmental goals. Research is conducted in a broad range of environmental areas by scientists in EPA laboratories and at universities across the country.

What the EPA project is about

The Center for Environmental Solutions and Emergency Response (CESER) conducts applied, stakeholder-driven research and provides responsive technical support to help solve the Nation’s environmental challenges. Within CESER, the Homeland Security & Materials Management Division (HSMMD) conducts an applied, customer-driven, national-scale research program to improve the nation’s preparedness for and response to environmental emergencies and materials management challenges.

A significant challenge for EPA is the protection of aquatic life inhabiting the Nation’s waters from releases of chemicals at potentially hazardous levels. Because of the huge diversity of habitats, aquatic communities and marine and freshwater taxa, there is generally only limited information on the sensitivity of species to abroad range of potential contaminants. Computational in silico methods are needed that can be used to estimate species sensitivity for a broad range of chemicals and taxa for chemicals with limited or no data.

What experience and skills will you gain?

As a team member, you will provide data management, data curation and data analysis supporting a research project using computational in silico methods that utilize existing data in probability distributions of aquatic species toxicity data and chemical sensitivity. The team member will provide database management, file management, data curation and extraction, quality control, as well as performing qualitative and quantitative data analysis. You will be a member of a multi-disciplinary research team and will support the development, maintenance, and analysis of aquatic toxicity data for chemicals.


Data Development and Analysis responsibilities will include:

  • Compile and curate existing aquatic toxicity data;
  • Statistically analyze data and develop probability distributions;
  • Develop graphics, summary tables and supplemental information in support of journal publications and report preparation; and
  • Literature review.

Communications-related responsibilities will include:

  • Participating as a member of a multi-disciplinary research team;
  • Interacting with other members of the team including EPA scientists;
  • Documenting code, methods and datasets; and
  • Presenting work performed at a scientific conference as required.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Work Experience, and Education

  • Demonstrated education and/or experience in data compilation and analysis;
  • Demonstrated knowledge in the field of aquatic toxicology;
  • Experience in working with R; and
  • Experience in statistical analysis including ANOVA and regressions.

Published 2022-01-12

ORAU looks for a Ecotoxicity Data Analyst in Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 location.

How much Data Analyst Jobs professional earns at ORAU?

The proposed salary for Data Analyst Jobs position at ORAU is $29.27 an hour.

Ecotoxicity Data Analyst responsibilities at ORAU

According to the common industry standard, Data Analyst Jobs specialist is in charge for the following activities.

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