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Senior-Data Scientist

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DUTIES: Develop rule-mining algorithms (such as Parallel Frequent pattern growth algorithms and Association Rule mining algorithms) to capture the patterns of the customer. Develop Multi Dwelling Unit Ranking algorithms that rank units based on cross-selling opportunities for the company. Explore various distributed reasoners and Semantic Analytics Stack (SANSA) along with the different modules that SANSA has. Conduct exploratory data analysis with respect to customer call data. Develop a prototype system that analyzes whole populations of customers and generates insights for the company. Build a Knowledge Graph (KG) for AT&T, where this KG can be used across various channels (Retail Agents, Call Center Agents, Business Agents, Fraud Analysts) within AT&T. Work towards enhancing the existing fraud models by exploring and extracting the representations of Knowledge Graph as features for the fraud models using feature extraction techniques like graph embeddings. Develop and use Probabilistic Soft Logic (PSL) and Deterministic reasoners to operate on Knowledge Graph to derive both nonobvious uncertain and deterministic facts. Work on the core functionalities of the DELVE system like scalability and automatic creation of concepts, object and data properties and logical constraints from the files developed in OWL 2 language. Design and develop ontologies. Transform massive datasets into knowledge graph structures. Generate actionable insights from knowledge graphs. Design and develop spatio-temporal density based behavioral clustering. Develop spatio-temporal outlier detection.

REQUIREMENTS: Requires a Ph.D. degree, or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering and six (6) months of experience in the job offered or six (6) months of experience: Designing and developing ontologies; Transforming massive datasets into knowledge graph structures; Generating actionable insights from knowledge graphs; Designing and developing spatio-temporal density based behavioral clustering; and Developing spatio-temporal outlier detection.

AT&T is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer, and we are committed to hiring a diverse and talented workforce. EOE/AA/M/F/D/V

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Published 2021-07-03

AT&T looks for a Senior-Data Scientist in Plano, TX location.

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