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Bioinformatics Data Analyst

Duties and Responsibilities
The Department of Natural Sciences is seeking excellent candidates for the role of Data Analyst in Bioinformatics. The successful candidate will have a strong commitment to excellence in support and advancement of Bioinformatics research. The candidate will work closely with the Bioinformatics faculty in the coordination of mentorship of students and maintaining undergraduate research activities. The candidate will be involved in Bioinformatics Lab support and the maintenance of software and equipment. Additional responsibilities include managing recruitment efforts, student progress tracking, and program management activities, organizing student participation in external opportunities such as mentored research, internships, and the successful execution of additional activities, as required, to support student success. Reporting responsibilities may include tracking research progress, monitoring student engagement in research, Bioinformatics lab support and supplemental instructional activities. Our student-focused department requires a candidate with strong commitment to excellence in teaching and coordination, as well as a great appreciation for experiential learning to support our current models for high-impact practice in undergraduate STEM education.


Published 2021-12-10

Bowie State University looks for a Bioinformatics Data Analyst in Bowie, MD 20715 location.

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The proposed salary for Data Analyst Jobs position at Bowie State University is $60,000 - $65,000 a year.

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