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HONK is a fast growing technology company disrupting the roadside assistance space. We are a group of out of the box thinkers and doers, driven by an immense passion to challenge the old ways by working together to bring innovative changes that impact the lives of others. We work in a creative environment where everyday is rewarding knowing we’re assisting people in their true moment of need, stuck on the side of roads, helping them get back to conquering their day.

HONK is growing, our multidisciplinary data science team is expanding, and we are looking for a Data Analyst / Data Scientist that would join our team, and enjoy enriching its data-oriented career while sharing its discoveries with us. The ideal candidate will have an insatiable curiosity for the evolving way customers interact with businesses. This person should be extremely comfortable with ambiguity and abstract problems and be excited about the idea of solving innovative problems that will impact HONK’s business direction. The ideal person is someone who thrives on making the invisible visible, someone who probably creates detailed models to make decisions in their own life.

What You’ll Do:

  • Collect and interpret data to help HONK take actionable steps to improve delivering products, services, and performance, and meeting strategic goals.
  • Use data mining techniques to drill-down data repositories on the cloud when looking for answers to business and strategic questions.
  • Apply statistical methods to test hypotheses, and use results to support or discard ideas and assumptions.
  • Become the voice, interpreter, go-to-talk-to person, and owner of the data-related knowledge about selected client-dedicated products, such as fleet management, secondary, or transport.
  • Think critically, provide insights, and develop recommendations based on data analyses.
  • Work cohesively with data science colleagues and leaders to keep informed about HONK business strategies and current developments, to provide appropriate and coherent insights and solutions to leaders, and to efficiently address new business opportunities and their priorities.
  • Participate in selected data science projects led by the data science team.
  • Write realistic proposals and if necessary, build prototypes to illustrate and test hypotheses and assumptions.
  • Build presentations that may include slides, tables, and/or visualizations (bar charts, plots, flows, diagrams) to explain complex results in a simple manner to colleagues and executives.
  • Build and use dashboards to monitor the trends of business KPIs.

About You:

  • You have a BA/BS in Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Business, Physics, Biology, or related field including quantitative training, or equivalent practical experience.
  • You are familiar with standard statistical and ML models.
  • You use SQL, Python, Julia, R, Mathematica, Maple, or other similar tools or programming languages.
  • You enjoy solving problems by testing and applying solutions from different areas of knowledge.
  • You know how to build dashboards, and are proficient using Tableau, Looker, or similar visualization and data-sharing platforms.
  • You enjoy keeping yourself informed, reading books, following technical publications and blogs, and sharing your sources and learnings with your colleagues.
  • You are willing to learn from your peers and you are patient and able to explain your analyses, algorithms, tools, and techniques to those who don`t have your experience or knowledge.

Job Type: Full-time

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Published 2021-11-04

looks for a Data Analyst in Remote location.

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