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Work hard. Play hard. Breathe Easy. That’s a nutshell description of the professionals who thrive at Resurgent. Regardless of their position, our people are ambitious and entrepreneurial, attracted to the fresh point-of-view of an evolving, growing company. They are personable and patient, attracted to the collaborative nature of our company. And they are centered, understanding the balance needed to achieve success at work and harmony at home.


The Data Scientist I position works with a team of Data Scientists to build and further develop predictive models designed to aid business decisions. This individual performs analytical work that is experimental, investigative, and thorough to provide business insights. The position requires a naturally curious and creative mind.

This job is best fit to candidates who want to rapidly deepen their knowledge in data science, including big data platforms, and who have entry level knowledge in data science, or a sufficient mathematical/statistical background combined with programming skills.

Established in 1998, Resurgent is a leading financial services company with a fun, collaborative culture. Resurgent also has a wealth of data for modeling and analytics, and a non-bureaucratic environment that allows for rapid development and deployment.


  • Provides data and analytic support for building, managing and maintaining predictive models.

  • Conducts exploratory/ad hoc data analysis to get business insights.

  • Creates reports, documentation, and supporting codes as part of the analysis process.

  • Writes SQL queries to extract data from the SQL Server data warehouse for the purpose of data analysis and model integration.

  • Learns to use and adopts new tools or techniques of machine learning, visualization and data munging to increase work efficiency both in traditional and big data platform.

  • Validates and monitors existing models.

  • Scores requested populations for monthly reporting.


  • A degree (preferably graduate) in statistics or a quantitative science (mathematics, engineering, econometrics, etc.).

  • Proficiency in R, or intermediate knowledge in R combined with experience in one of java, C, C++, C# or python.

  • Knowledge in statistics or experience with machine learning/predictive modeling techniques.

  • Excellent analytic and problem-solving skills.

  • Willingness to learn new data science techniques including big data modeling tools in Microsoft Azure.

  • Willingness to work in a team-oriented environment and embrace creative thinking.

  • Experience with SQL is a plus.

Educational Requirements:

  • A degree (preferably graduate) in statistics or a quantitative science (mathematics, engineering, econometrics, etc.).

We would be honored if you applied to join our team! We are an equal opportunity employer,offering a fantastic work environment, challenging career opportunities and competitive compensation.

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Published 2021-11-09

Resurgent Capital Services, LP looks for a Data Scientist I in Greenville, SC 29601 location.

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